Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Red Crow Mid Season Reinforcement

As Ubisoft does each season in RB6: Siege, a big update is coming out on December 15th.

Here are the latest details regarding the changes:

Tachanka – Major Buff coming out… The deployable machine gun will now have a face shield that has 500hp!!! What? Yes, Tachanka will have a face shield that will act similar to that of Blackbeard, where you will have to destroy it prior to being able to get that headshot that Tachanka has been so kind to provide us over the past year.  Now, to counter this new shield is to use grenades or Capitao’s flame arrows… It still takes a little bit of time for Tachanka to dismount the MG, so this will allow you to cook a grenade and toss it at his feet or over his head.

New Map (Sorta):  Bartlett University (for those that finished all of the situations will recognize this map).  Yes, the map has been redesigned for PvP play, and will be added into the rotation.

Game Tweaks:

Fuze:  We all like playing with slow ass Fuze from time to time, and he has a great gadget; however, unless you are lucky enough to get get the right bounces from his little grenadelets, chances are, you aren’t going to do any real damage to the enemy, as it was typically a kill or nothing with the cluster.  Not anymore!!! Ubisoft has done two amazing things, added another cluster, yes, you will now have three, and they have altered the radii (you can check, that is the plural of radius) of the grenadelets…  Today, the radius of the grenadelets was 2.5 meters, kill or miss for light armored players, and 0-1.2 meters was instadeath for everyone; however, the update now extends that radius out to 4.2 meters (yes, nearly double). Now, from 2.5 meters to 4.2 meters, the damage will not instantly kill a full health player, it will simply damage you.

Bandit: Bandito, my personal favorite defender is getting an additional battery… But why Roadblock? Well, they are doing this due to the addition of Habana in Operation Red Crow. When playing on Border and you are in the workshop/server room, you will actually be able to defend all of the barricaded walls, where today you have to be choosy.

Smoke:  Instead of throwing his gas grenades like they were C4, he will now be able to toss them like a grenade (which is freaking awesome)!

Glaz: Finally you will be able to pull off some great multi-shot combinations due to his fire rate of that sniper rifle being doubled, yes folks, doubled! To add to this, they have also reduced his recoil for the first shot.


Blackbeard:  Poor Blackbeard, he will no longer be able to hang outside a window and mow down people for as long as he used to…Today, his shield has 150HP; however, the update will be dropping this down to 60HP. Think about that, if your pistol does 30hp damage, 2 shots will wipe out his shield.  Damn, that is harsh, but wait, they didn’t stop there!  They also slowed down his aim down sight (ADS) time from 0.25 seconds to 0.7 seconds, and if you are sprinting, hell, just hip fire because it will now take you 0.8 seconds to ADS where today it is a blazing 0.35 seconds (in comparison). There are a ton of gun changes when it comes to recoil and rise; however, that would take me forever to replicate for all of you, so if you would like to see those changes, please visit the Ubisoft update page linked down below.  The main thing to know, if you are using a SMG, your gun will be better than it is today, with less rise and lower recoil, and if you are using an Assault Rifle, you recoil and rise will go up.  Again, check the page to see how you will be effected.  Thanks for reading, and please check back regularly for more gaming updates!

Ubisoft Operation Red Crow Mid-Season Reinforcements

Jonny Roadblock