Battlefield 1 Holiday Event!

EA and Dice have announced a bunch of giveaways and events for the Christmas (sorry, “Holiday”) season.

New Custom Game: “Blind Delivery” This game mode is a unique War Pigeons mode where they have turned off the minimap and are only allowing pistols and explosives to be active… Sounds interesting, right?

Free Dog Tag: If you are collector of Dog Tags (well, you are automatically), after 12/22/2016, just by logging in, you will receive the “Holiday Truce” tag… Free is always nice!

Vehicle Skins: Also starting on 12/22/2016, the battlepacks will hold two tank skins, the “Schnuck” and the “Desert Gold.” The images on the site seem pretty cool, but you either have to earn battlepacks or buy them, so do what you do and go after these cool skins!  Speaking of battlepacks, if you login to BF1 between 12/23 and 12/29/2016, you will get a free battlepack. Again, free is always nice!

For you “Premium Pass” holders, logging in to BF1 between 12/23 and 12/29/2016, you will get 2 free “superior battlepacks… Are these considered free even though you paid for the pass already? Just food for thought!

That’s it folks… Stay posted to this site to get updates as they happen, and remember, “They Shall Not Pass” will be released in March, so you know they will be leaking information about this expansion in the coming weeks.

Jonny Roadblock