Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare “Sabotage” DLC Update:

Activision announced that the first DLC “Sabotage” will drop on January 31st for the PS4. This DLC will include 4 new maps and the next episode of Zombies!

Quick and Dirty on the Maps:

Noir: Futuristic Brooklyn, NYC setting where you will have three main lanes of dark warfare with a badass downtown killing zone!

Neon: Virtual combat arena that uses the physical rules of Call of Duty multiplayer maps (not sure what this actually means, but cool…?) Okay, this has a digital style battleground where vehicles and buildings just spawn out of nowhere and your enemies explode into a ton of pixels when you destroy them. For the snipers out there, you will have an insane sightline down the center of the map, and the run-and-gun players will want to stick to the outside lines to get your fill of CQC fighting!

Renaissance: Venice, Italy setting for your entire killing desires! Think tight roads and avenues where you will be pit against your enemies in bloody warfare in the canals (which Venice is know for) and the different hoods within this amazing city!

Dominion: You may remember this from Modern Warfare 2 (Afghan Map), but has been reimagined… As in, it is set on Mars (WTF?) You will see the many of the iconic landmarks from the original, though you will have a crashed spaceship right in the middle, hint to you snipers, people will probably be camping around this spot!

Now for the Zombies:

“Rave in the Redwoods,” yes, that is the actual name, and it takes you to a 90’s rave themed area out in the woods at an old campsite. You will see new weapons and traps, and you will be introduced to a new character named “The Slasher.” Sounds sweet!

That’s all I have for you now, but be sure to check back regularly to find out the new updates as they come out!

Jonny Roadblock

photo courtesy of © 2016 Activision Publishing