Rainbow Six: Siege Update/Patch 5.3 1/11/2017

So, it is patch time yet again, but this time it will be a bit boring compared to the mid season reinforcements I wrote about earlier.  Here are the “highlights:”

The stuff they are finally fixing:

Barricaded doors and walls will no longer have those annoying pieces hanging around.

IQ:  Now you won’t lose visibility of your pistol if you drop from something while holding a breach charge (okay, how did someone find this one… the release says “any height” yet, whenever I drop, I usually die)

Hibana and Echo:  Kills don’t count towards weekly challenges… Hey, what about getting wins with these operators, will that count towards the challenges?

Echo:  On the occasions where his drone hits invisible walls, well, that won’t happen anymore!

Fuze:  Bomblets will take out breakable floors again (I guess I will have to get used to looking for the drops again, crap!)

Valkyrie:  The black eye cameras will no longer float when thrown at a broken barricade… More invisible wall type of stuff is being fixed, yay!

Frost:  The bear trap will no longer trigger on an elevated surface without being hit by the other team… (that was annoying, glad that is being corrected)

Twitch:  The shock drone’s noise will be heard correctly when it tazes things. (not sure what that actually means, guess the sound wasn’t resonating correctly).

Allegedly, they fixed the crazy legs issues in the kill cams… I liked that view, they called it raptor legs, I called it flamingo legs, either way, that is fixed.

If you watched my Bartlett University camera location video you will notice that I show you a camera in the upstairs hall that doesn’t exist on your camera view options… Well, that has been fixed.

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Jonny Roadblock