RB6 Year 2 Season 1 – Operation Velvet Shell

So, if you are like me, you try to go to the Ubisoft website to find updates of your favorite games; unfortunately though, they didn’t update their site with the release of the Velvet Shell DLC (Name is quite interesting). So after scouring “other” media outlets, I have a little bit of information to share with you.

Velvet Shell will take place off the Mediterranean coast of Spain on an island called Ibiza (pronounced Ib-ith-a). Now having personally been to Ibiza, I can tell ya, it is a beautiful resort town known for its beaches and massive parties. The map (called coastline) focuses on what looks like an exclusive resort. There is a large main building with a big pool and spa on the back, and a couple of out buildings that could be used for Glaz to set up on. The approaches look like they could come from a road leading to the island (think land bridge), what could be a boat landing (pier), and then God only knows the third spawn location.

There has been absolutely no actual news on the upcoming operators; however, we can infer from the previous DLCs that there will be one male and one female operator added. More than likely, the male will be the attacker and female on defense, and there are rumors that one of them may be getting some type of cloaking device (rumors only, though I would find this special ability to be too COD like, unless it is done just right). Now there are a ton of videos that are playing the trailer that was released, so you can spot them on YouTube if you search for them, but the few that I have watched had more speculation than anything. Many gamers have been searching for the “Easter eggs” and they are claiming to have figured out the names of the new operators and what not, but please remember, they are speculative at best, and so far, not one has been right to date, when looking back at their previous guesses.

I am going to sign off with this: Ubisoft is terrible at promoting the updates to this game, and unless you are subscribed to their YouTube channel, you will have to read abut the updates via other media sources, the kinds that host more advertising than a porn site. The update comes out on 2-8-2017, and please remember, if you haven’t already purchased the year 2 season pass, you will need to buy it soon to get the new operators a week early! Happy hunting.

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Jonny Roadblock